Jasmine has worked all around the world, Strictly Come Dancing UK, TV 4 Let's Dance Sweden. Creator of Dance The Night Away show. Britain's Got Talent 2020, Got Talent All Stars 2023, Spectre 007. Beauty and the Beast, Mamma Mia 2, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Gloria Estefan, Steps, Backstreet Boys, Pitbull, Jason Derulo, Olly Murs and many more. 


As a choreographer, Jasmine has  worked with several different productions such as “Let’s Dance Sweden”, “Dance The Night Away",  Amr Diab, assistant on "BBC Strictly Come Dancing", assistant on Dancing With The Stars. 


As a model, Jasmine has done anything from runway shows to photoshoots for brands like Christian Louboutin, Desigual, Alexandra Kapsala, Paul Mitchell, Alberta Feretti, Make Up Store, Adidas, Mizuno, Nike, Escape Fitness, Drop Of Mindfullness.

The Favourite Body part

Today in the gym I trained my shoulders and abs and just started to analyze what the best body parts on women are.. I do like all parts of the body but the winner is the jaw dropping traffic stopping pair of legs! A lot of women out there struggle to get sexy legs as it can take a lifetime of dancing, exercise and diet to get a pair. Or just getting over the fact that it hurts so bad to train them and that the old school exercises such as squats and dead lifts have to be performed..

Then its the shoulders, they just talk for themselves really... Power, confidence and an athletic posture is the reward from working them out. And of course the abs, the lucky ones at home or audiences that gets to see a sneak peak of nicely defined female ab lines..ooohh That's so hot!


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